iBabs effective & easy meeting management

Effective & easy meeting management

iBabs empowers everyone who has ever organized – or attended – a meeting. With a seemingly simple app that offers complete control and a comprehensive overview of all those fiddly details. With about 2000 organisations and over 200.000 users, iBabs gives you peace of mind. So you can quickly organize effective meetings, and good decisions can be made with confidence.

Empowered by iBabs

iBabs didn’t just happen overnight. We started analyzing and simplifying board meeting processes many years ago. We understand all the work that goes into meetings – and how to streamline everything so it all flows smoothly. On any device – confidentially, securely and automatically.
Save hours preparing for meetings
Access agendas and documents everywhere, 24/7 – even offline.
Record minutes and decisions.
Save hours preparing for meetings
Distribute board packs in seconds instead of days.
Improve collaboration with other board members.
Keep all sensitive data secure on-premise or in the cloud.

Board member or meeting participant?

Make good decisions with confidence

Focus on what matters most – effective meetings that generate concrete results. Find out more about the many ways iBabs makes life easier for everyone participating in meetings.

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Meeting administrator or secretary

Save time and stay in control

Meetings don’t just happen around the corner – they happen anytime, anywhere on iBabs. All that calls for expert coordination. Discover the paperless meeting advantage, as iBabs makes work easier and saves you valuable time.

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Stable, secure and trusted from experienced developers


iBabs uses the same secure encryption trusted by banks and departments of defense – 256-bits AES encryption. Because of stricter privacy laws, all our servers are located in Europe.

ISO certified

All iBabs processes and procedures comply with ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 requirements, that ensure iBabs meets international information security standards.

24/7 support

With round-the-clock support, we’ve already made productive meetings go more smoothly for more than 200,000 people.

Ready for iBabs?

iBabs is an independent a leading European board portal platform, and available in all app stores for any computer or mobile device. Request a demo and get started with iBabs!

Experience you can trust

iBabs started in 2011. Ever since, we’ve worked hard to continue making meetings easier and more productive for people working in businesses, schools, city governments and other organizations. With more than 200,000 people using iBabs today, our clients have proven their trust in our expert and secure board meeting portal.
iBabs is making meetings
easier for more than
2000 Different organisations in Europe
iBabs already has
more than
200000 happy users

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